Service provided:

Daily five times prayers. Friday prayers- contactDawa: conversion to Islam- contact
Sunday Quranic school for children- contact
Food basket program in Ramadan- contact
Family Counselling - contact
Book Store- contact
Use of MCQ facility by permission only - check with MCQ office for details.
Any misuse or damage to the facility is the responsibility of the user to pay repairs
Ramadan: Traditionally Iftar is provided on Saturdays in the month of Ramadan.
Traveeh every night by a Hafiz.
Lectures and seminars on Islamic topics.
Interfaith discourse
Social and cultural contact with local community and
Weddings performed, Government of Quebec License.
complete Wedding Application form and email to: MCQ


MCQ is  licensed  to perform ISLAMIC and CIVIL  marriage.

Please fill out the attached form and email to Muhammed Romiz Uddin

Application du mariage/Marriage Application (Ban)