Monthly News Letter

Victims of the Quebec City Mosque attack

Remembering the men who died January 29, 2017

Throughout the ceremony, speakers made a point of repeating the victims names. Members of McGill’s Muslim Students Association and Thaqalyan Muslim Association, spoke about each man, giving the audience a poignant glimpse into each life.

  • “Ibrahima Barry died at 39 years old, leaving behind a widow and four young orphans. He was an IT technician at Revenu Québec providing services to his community. His brother described him as the hope of his family back home in Guinea.
  • “Abdelkrim Hassane died at 41 years old, leaving behind a widow and three young orphans. Abdelkrim was a computer analyst with the Quebec government. People described him as a man full of joy, love and laughter.”
  • “Khaled Belkacemi died at 60, leaving behind a widow and three orphans. Professor Belkacemi was a soil scientist and food engineering professor at Université de Laval. He was known to many as a good friend and a good father to his family.”
  • “Mamadou Tanou Barry died at 42 years old, leaving behind a widow and two orphans. Mamadou was an accounting technician in Sainte-Foy. People close to him described him as generous, loyal, patient, and kind. He died while starting to raise funds for two wells in his community in Guinea.”
  • “Aboubaker Thabti died at 44 years old, leaving behind a widow and two young orphans. He worked two jobs, as a pharmacy technician and as a nightshift worker at a poultry plant. Aboubaker was said to always helped newcomers getting their first apartments, cars and papers, always devoting his time to those in need.”
  • “Azzeddine Soufiane died at 57 years old, leaving behind a widow and three orphans. Azzeddine was a geologist and was the owner of a butchery in Sainte-Foy. Azzeddine always extended his generosity to new immigrants and those who needed it in Quebec City. On January 29, 2017, Azzeddine died by charging at the shooter, sacrificing his life while protecting the others.”

Quebec Measures in force, Montréal Region 

Places of worship

Updated: 2021-10-04

  • Places of worship

    Maximum 250 people inside and 500 people outside. If the place of worship occupies an entire building, the limit applies to the building.

    The measures for funerals and weddings also apply to places of worship where these ceremonies are held.

    A distance of at least 1 metre must be maintained between people if they are not talking or if they are talking quietly, and 2 metres if they are talking or singing, even when they stay in their seat and do not move about, unless they are from the same private home or the equivalent.

    A procedure mask or face covering must be worn. The procedure mask or face covering can be taken off when the person is in their seat, is silent or speaks only in a low voice.

    Vaccination passports are not necessary to attend places of worship, unless the activity taking place there requires a passport. For example, the passport is required if the venue is rented for a performance. See the list of activities requiring a vaccination passport.